My Definition Of Suicide

Suicide has a lot of controversy around it and I think it is becuase there are so many different perceptions as to what it really is. As someone who has attempted suicide in multiple ways, I have my own thoughts as to what it is:

“I think that to stand or sit there and go against every single survival instinct in your body and act on those truly horrendous, awful, dark thoughts, whilst knowing the consequences of what you’re about to do to yourself, shows that it’s an illness and that it certainly is not a cry for attention. To go against your survival instincts and go ahead with any action to end your life, and to spare what you perceive is the burden you are putting on everyone else, actually takes a whole lot of courage. Of course, it’s probably to end your pain and suffering, too, but mostly from experience I’d say it’s driven by a skewed perception of protecting the people you love around you from this all-consuming disease.”


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