How Times Change

A month ago I was in a horrible emotional and mental place. It was evident in my mood, my writing, my every day life. I was sleeping 16+ hours a day and barely functioning. I didn’t want to be alive.

My psychiatrist and I have been working for months to find a medication that would help me after my others sort of ran their course. I tend to need a new medication every 12 months or so. But, this time I hadn’t had one that worked to alleviate my depressive cycles of my bipolar in over a year.

Finally, we decided to go with a drug that is typically a “last resort” for when all else fails. Within 2 weeks of starting it we say a difference. It had lessened the intensity of the suiciadity and given me some energy. My mood has been better and I’m out of bed a majority of the day.

This is yet another cycle of bipolar that I have pushed through. Another time I’ve folloed the tattoos on my wrists that say “Alive” and “My Story Isn’t Over”. It’s another time that we have seen bipolar up close. I look back and am thankful I am alive and surrounded by people who kept me that way and kept me pushing onward even when all I wanted to do was give up. I’m cautiously optimistic that these new meds along with an increase of my ECT treatments will help me stabilize for a while.

As always, thanks for sticking by and hanging in there with me. Hold on, press on, the times will change.


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