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A Memoir of Mental Illness and Recovery

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This book tells my story and gives helpful information to those suffering with mental illness as well as family and friends who are walking this journey with their loved one.

Back Cover:

If you suffer from any mental illness or have a friend or relative who does, after just a few pages of this book you will quickly realize that you are not alone. This book is full of both helpful information and heart-tugging stories that will open your eyes to the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

Lindsay is a survivor. She has survived a lifetime of bipolar II disorder, bulimia, anxiety, addiction, and multiple suicide attempts; she experienced most of this in silence. After having spent over 150 days in both in-patient and residential treatment facilities, she decided to share her story in hopes of reducing the stigmas against mental illness.

Her life experiences, coupled with her education in psychology and counseling, have given Lindsay the knowledge, desire, and passion to advocate for mental health awareness. It is her desire to help people better understand mental illnesses and lead them to healing so that they, too, can be survivors.