Who Am I?

I was reflecting back on months of therapy work and one of my previous assignments from my therapist was to answer the question “who am I?”. This was not easy for me. I have always struggled with identifying myself. This was many months ago, but this is what I cam up with:   Who am … Read more

Keep Breathing

Kerrie Roberts sings one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard for someone who is struggling with any life circumstance. If you are in need of uplifting, listen to her song, Keep Breathing. When you are in the midst of struggles, there are times that taking another breath seems impossible. There are nights when … Read more

Why Suicide?

Under the “Suicide Prevention” tab, some new information was added about warning signs that someone you know may be suicidal. Signs and symptoms, no matter how “mild” they may seem to be should never be overlooked and should always be taken seriously. I have dealt with personal loss in my family from suicide. It is … Read more