My Mission

If I look like a fool to millions but help one, then it is all worth it.   I think it’s super easy right now to get caught up in the emotion, the frustration and the inner thoughts we all have of what is happening around us. But please, don’t forget to focus on YOUR … Read more

It is well with my soul

I have accepted my lot. Though my lot feels like too much to bear. My faith is plenty, but I sleep without rest. For I am so weary and tired. Lord, haste the day when my faith shall be made sight. Please, Lord. HASTE. Make it soon. My heart is bleeding, yearning, longing for Home. … Read more

Crushing Heartache

Learning the hard way right now to put my faith into action. God’s got a plan. My children, are just on loan to me until that plan is fulfilled. Whether it’s now or years down the road, we have no choice but to cling to that. Mason has been in the hospital, diagnoses added, questions … Read more

Journal 12/25/16

As 2016 comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect upon the things on the year that now lies behind us. I faced mental illness, physical illness, illnesses and diagnoses of my children. I questioned and doubted my faith. I begged my own heart to stop beating, while deep inside wanting to be rescued … Read more

Let them see my cape

We all fight battles. I fight anxiety, depression, bipolar and more. Some days I’m happy and loving and warm. Other days I’m distant, detached and cold. My children are now old enough to verbalize that they notice when mommy is “mean” or “grumpy”. That breaks my heart. They know mommy wrote a book about how … Read more