Technology and Mental Health

When I was growing up, things like social media and having personal cell phones while in middle school didn’t yet exist. I had nothing to hide behind and who I was, was just that: me. But take a look at today’s social media. We have Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and more that have the ability to … Read more

I Am Me

There’s a song lyric that speaks to my heart every time I hear it. It’s from former American Idol contestant, Danny Gokey. The words are: “Yesterday is a closing door, you don’t live there anymore. Say goodbye to where you’ve been, and tell your heart to beat again.” How often do we live in the … Read more

Parenting with Mental Illness

Mild anxiety and depression have always been a part of my life. I hid it well in my younger years; coping by using eating disordered behaviors to ease any feelings I didn’t like. I purged my food after binging while alternating that with periods of restricting my intake of food. As I got older, I … Read more


I read an article today written by someone whose mom committed suicide and how Mother’s day just isn’t the same without her. In my heart I felt a sting. Because that’s one of my biggest fears- how my suicide would impact my children. My mental health has quietly been declining and yet I can’t seem … Read more

Illness is hard

I try to be positive on my site, but I’m going to vent for a moment. I’m more stable now then I have been in many years. An accurate diagnosis can be a glorious thing. But, with that hunt for an accurate diagnosis came more medication changes and trials/ errors than I can even remember. … Read more